I am an innovative entrepreneur. My mission is to empower women to find abundance in all aspects of life. I have been hosting Goddess Salons for over seven years, bringing women from all walks of life together and inspiring them to take action and find their passion.

I graduated from the University of Michigan and worked in finance in NYC for many years. After I began to practice meditation, I felt called to leave finance and went on to graduate from the four year healing science training program, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and then completed a three year training at the Center for Intentional Living.

At the age of 38 - after my son was born, I struggled with a debilitating illness. And even though I was a trained healing practitioner and had been practicing meditation and living a very healthy lifestyle for close to 20 years, my health continued to decline.

I was introduced to the Orenda International supplement line that uses very cutting-edge science to naturally support pituitary function and detoxify the body on a cellular level. Within 3 months - after 9 years of struggle - I became vibrantly healthy.

Now, I am passionate about helping other women become radiantly healthy too! I lead a compassionate and brilliant team of women who are top MDs, health care practitioners, triathletes, yoginis and moms. They share this simple supplement protocol with others and enjoy their purpose driven businesses and have great financial success.

My Massively Transformative Purpose is to empower 100,000 women around the world to set themselves free by using the Orenda products to enhance their health and well being and by using the Orenda business opportunity to become financially independent.