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Your passion for making a contribution in the world and supporting others to manifest their greatest dreams and visions is apparent. You pay sincere attention to the needs and interests of others and show a deep commitment for connecting your friends to the people and support that will help them live their best life.
— Sandra G.


I respect your ability to present inspirational talks that make people stand and clap in appreciation of your elegant brilliance combined with love and reverence.
— Barbara M.
You brilliantly express and share your love and light which inspires others around you to do the same. You have such a unique gift of making people feel special and loved.
— Meredith N.


You are generous and giving with your time, your wealth and your love.
— Katherine W.


You are a shining example of someone who has built a strong spiritual foundation on which to build your dreams and manifest your vision. You’re able to imagine the best and highest that life has to offer and help others express their potential.
— Rachel F.
You always see the best in people and want to fill their days with the kind of beauty and love that you have in your heart. You share such incredible tenderness and enthusiasm – not only for the people in your life, but for our world and the overall energy surrounding it and us.
— Jami C.


You are generous beyond compare. Every treasure, every morsel, every nugget of insight and knowledge that you gain, you always are enthusiastic to share and so giving with your knowledge and experiences.
— Jamie D.


You have a huge capacity for empathy. You are a helper, but this comes in many forms: You are a connector, you share information and resources, and you support the dreams of others.
— Kristie B.
You are a visionary. You always strive to look forward, to seek out new experiences and new ways of doing things!
— Tracey T.


You are empowering on so many levels. I feel understood, acknowledged and loved whenever I’m in your presence. You are an incredible inspiration to me. Your work ethic is impeccable. Continually in awe of your drive, motivation and the commitment you are to all that you believe in. Jules, the natural beauty you are is reflected in those around you. Such a gift to know you.
— Marykay D.