meet my friends &
difference makers

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Blending training for both Eastern and Western traditions of medicine, Shanhong is passionate about empowering people to awaken the doctor within. She holds an M.D. from Beijing Medical University and a Ph.D. from the Medical College of Wisconsin. She is the owner of Mount Shasta Integrative Medicine in California. Shanhong is driven by seeking the root causes of diseases beyond a mere reduction of symptoms. She believes that life is sweet and short. Don’t postpone Joy!


Founder and CEO of The Balancing Center, Dan has established a 30 year chiropractic practice specializing in the upper cervical spine (NUCCA). Dan has helped thousands of people around the world care for themselves while integrating their improved function into everyday activities and live healthy, pain-free lives.


Vesna is a board-certified specialist in Internal Medicine, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Rush University. For nearly a decade, Chicago magazine named her one of the Best Doctors for Women and US News ranked her as one of the Nation's Top Docs. She co-founded the Comprehensive Center for Women's Medicine and has devoted her career to caring for women.


Dr. Kumar LOVES educating and empowering people to facilitate their health and well-being at all levels.  She believes making conscious and informed choices are the only way we can shift the paradigm of the world to a healthy and ‘earth honoring’ one. This is also the way we can shift health care from the sick care management system that it currently is, to a true health care system. She is the founder and medical director of the Ommani Center, a contributor to the Huffington Post, and author of the best selling book "Becoming Real."


Courtney is a certified ParaYoga Instructor, health coach, massage therapist, Co-Founder Dive Deep Detox, Co-Founder Yogi-Go and an Ironman triathlete. Her teaching is inspired by her athletics and a desire to surrender into and accept the mystical and magical unknown of life.


Pamela is a board-certified Holistic Health Coach & Raw Food Chef and Instructor who has studied health and nutrition for over 15 years. After many years dedicated to corporate America, she chose to attend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. INN equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and preventative heath. 


Leah is a documentary photographer based in Chicago, Illinois. Her work has been exhibited internationally. Leah co-founded World Bicycle Relief, a global non-profit organization, which has provided families, caregivers, and students with over 200,000 bicycles. Leah serves on the boards of ecoAmerica and Chikumbuso, a Women's and Orphan's Project in Zambia.