Ready to Bloom?

Two years ago, I was visiting Sedona and walked into a little juice bar. After purchasing a necessary green juice, I found something I had no idea I was looking for: the beautiful products by Lotus Wei. I immediately placed an order to be shipped to my home. When a large package arrived, I was puzzled because I had only ordered one item. Lotus Wei apologized for sending me the wrong order, but told me to keep everything! WOW! Super abundance!

I fell in love with their products and purchased tickets to a Lotus Wei Flower Lounge in New York City: a powerful event filled with meditation, delicious snacks, and love. This life-changing evening created a ripple of joy that would affect all of my interactions throughout the days that followed.

A series of synchronistic happenings brought Lotus Wei to Chicago in July of last year. That evening was equally as magical, and I am beyond delighted they are returning to Chicago on Friday, June 15th!

As Lotus Wei puts it, Flower Lounges create...

"A tidal wave of love,

A cool breeze of compassion,

Reconnection to the heart"

Check it out HERE!

Julie Fedeli